Monday, August 31, 2009

sun comes up, it's [monday] morning...

tea and strawberries and Cowboy Junkies on the ipod are such lovely ways to begin a morning! not to mention this cooler, Fall-like, awesome sleeping weather. and i am so happy to be able to wear my new blue sweatery-shirt (the one you saw Edna wearing). i took a "from-the-neck-down" photo to share, but my skin is too blindingly white for you to have to look at with your sleepy morning eyes, so i'll share it later (actually, i'm posting from work and i left my camera at home).

and i might as well keep going with all the happiness: Mexican restaurant leftovers for lunch! oh happy, happy day.

what thing(s) are you happy about today??

Friday, August 28, 2009

friday photos

today was a very good day, and despite being miserably hot and humid, it was rather productive and fun. i was up before sunrise, did a couple loads of laundry, had a cup of tea, got groceries (Trader Joe's!), went to four different thrift stores, made pico de gallo salsa from the most amazing locally grown heirloom tomatoes, looked at books, and, of course, took a few photos...

found another stick today...

Miss Emma being frisky

love this book!

i heart my vintage suitcases

that stick again...

Vintage Modern Boy and i adore the illustrations of Gris Grimly and Edward Gorey.

happy day to you, dear readers!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a jewelry tree

today i found a tree branch with which to make my jewelry tree. and by make, i mean put the branch in the thrift store vase, and hang my necklaces on it. my kind of effortless functional art.

it is exactly the branch i had in mind, except it's not cherry or apple, which would have been my first choices because of the lovely bark. but i am very pleased, nonetheless.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autumn in our home

with this lovely autumnal weather we've been having, i couldn't resist adding some fall goodness to our little home, even if it is just a bit early.

feel free to click on the pictures for a better view...

i couldn't believe it when i found this awesome glass globe at a thrift store! i am not sure what it was originally intended for, but i knew it would be perfect for the wooden hurricane base i already had. and so, for only $.70 i brought it home, and put some twigs and an old photo inside. i think i will try to find a leaf to add to it as well, once they start to fall.

the window on the left needs just a little something more...but i haven't quite figured out what...any ideas?

something you'd see in Diagon Alley, perhaps?

this sign on Etsy was the inspiration for these paperboard letters, which i bought in the scrapbooking section at Michael's. do go see the original sign- it is made of fabulous vintage linen!

the "Nevermore" raven tag in my new old apothecary jar (!!) is from Etsy.

"Creepy and Tacky", forebodingly perched on Edna, were "lovingly" named by Vintage Modern Boy (i.e. the husband). they remind me of the old Scottish ballad "The Twa Corbies". google it. it really is creepy.

and what Fall decor is complete without a real black cat? Gimli graciously obliged (or rather, interrupted) a photo shoot.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

my thrift store finds

here they are as promised: my thrift store finds from yesterday

silver bowl and pink ornaments

silvered glass bottle

this apothecary jar was a bit of a diamond in the rough when i first saw it as it was filled with a weird scented plastic floral arrangement.

art deco style picture frames

these keys and tag are non-thrift store related, but just a hint of some grungy Fall decor i have simmering in my mind. i'm trying to hold off until September to get the rest of my Fall things out...

Friday, August 21, 2009

a-thrifting i did go!

today was the most lovely day! the weather was beautiful, warm but with a lovely breeze, blue skies and cottony clouds.

i slept in until 7:30, which was wonderful; ate steel cut oatmeal with organic blueberries; got some fun flea market decorating books from the library; watched The Office (the BBC version); listened to lots of Coldplay; went to Target; AND i went to the most amazing thrift store down the road...twice.

the thrift store was definitely was the highlight of my day. i first went this afternoon and i was more than a little overwhelmed as there were so many things to see (and so many people crowding the aisles). it was only the second time i've ever been there, so i was still trying to figure out where everything was. a few things caught my eye, but i went home empty handed.

well, i started having second thoughts so i went back later this evening, about an hour before the store was to close. i am so glad i did! the store was a bit quieter, and i found some great stuff that i missed the first time, plus the things i came back for: a silver bowl (whose pattern looks exactly like this Wm. Rogers and Son piece i saw on Etsy), a box of pink retro glass christmas ornaments, a silvery glass liquor bottle exactly like this one that i fell in love with on Etsy (i couldn't believe it), a glass apothecary jar, and a couple of art deco silver picture frames. i got everything for under $10. i believe that thrift store will be a weekly (or more) thing for me from now on. i so wish i could thrift for a living!

i'll share photos of my finds within the next few days, so do come back to see them!

have a lovely evening, dear readers!

what Edna is wearing + the library bag

believe it or not, Old Navy has this wonderful vintage looking long sleeved sweatery-shirt. it's as soft and lovely as a sweater, but it's light and gauzy enough to wear comfortably in warmer weather. i love the rich blue color, mandarin-style collar, pleating detail, and the slightly puffed shoulders. and if that's not enough, the sleeves are also quite pretty with a button at each wrist (but poor Edna does not have the arms to show them off). it is so, so comfortable. AND i believe it is now on clearance. i'm tempted to get another one in brown myself. a word to the wise: the size of these shirts runs slightly bigger than i expected. i bought a size smaller than usual and it's still quite roomy.

the lace trimmed camisole is also from Old Navy this season (sadly, i cannot find the same one online). i love the smoky taupe color against the blue shirt. i was very pleased to find these vintagey clothes for a very good price.

this is the library bag. we don't have cable, satellite, or a converter box. instead, we get all our entertainment from our local library. i usually request specific items i am looking for online and then make a weekly trip to pick them up and browse the actual library. sometimes i end up with a lot so i always take this bag with me. when i get home i hang the bag on the door, set all the items on the coffee table, and then one by one as we finish a DVD or book, i put the item back in the bag to return. it's worked out to be a nice little system, and i can always keep track of everything thing i have checked out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the cat and the crow

so i clipped this little feathery crow on the willow branches for some autumnal creepiness. apparently, it disturbs Emma the cat. she is restraining herself here, but yesterday i caught her growling at it. she is ever the watchful eye around here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the Bronte inspiration continues...

not only are these my two favorite novels of all time (ok, ok, so i include the Twilight series in there, too), but these editions are 1940's vintage and that lovely shade of teal. even the pages are teal-tipped.

and the covers....sigh. (the Wuthering Heights cover has the most amazing illustration of Heathcliff beside a wonderfully craggy tree).

if you have not read either, you must!

both this mirror and handkerchief came from the estate of my great-great Aunt Leaflet (the table, too, if you remember). so sweetly simple, yet such beauty (hmm..a lot like Jane Eyre).

well now, it's tea time for me, so i bid you good night, dear readers!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bronte inspiration

perhaps it's the rain outside, or from watching Jane Eyre yesterday, but today i am feeling all gloomy and romantic at the same time. it's really quite nice. i have these wonderful images swirling around in my mind- grey velvet, brown tweed, freshwater pearls, tarnished silver, rusty skeleton keys, colbalt blue wool, dry twigs- against a backdrop of Elliott Smith's "Pretty Mary Kay [Other Version]".

i do not want to be cooped up behind a desk today. ugh. i believe a little creative therapy is in order for me this week!

what's inspiring you right now?

P.S. i didn't realize some of my pictures looked so dark until i viewed them on my work computer. apparently our computer at home has a deceptive screen. the nerve!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

late summer lament

today i'm trying to pretend it's Fall with hot green tea, chai cookies, the BBC/A&E Jane Eyre mini series, and Band of Horses. all i need now are some candles and these lovely boots. and maybe some Elliott Smith, too...

unfortunately, the weather won't let me forget that it is still summer outside. which is why i have the AC on and am cuddled under a blanket...

wishing you a lovely (FALL) day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

cooling off...

i'm wishing for all that lovely cool weather Seattle was having last week. back here in the rest of the world, it is hot and muggy, and i don't feel like doing anything. even eating. well, except for this guacamole (ok, and maybe a pint of Ben & Jerry's....)

i have tried all kinds of guacamole, but i like this one the best. it's my own "recipe", and it's very simple and no frills. i use the term "recipe" loosely since it's not an exact science...kind of like a handful of this and a dash of that. really, it's however i am feeling at the time i make it. the key is to use good fresh, organic ingredients and to eat it with really good chips. i am a sucker for Target's Archer Farms Organic Yellow Corn Chips (pictured) and Trader Joe's Organic Yellow Corn Rounds.

If you want to make just one serving as pictured, use:

1 medium-sized ripe avocado
1 small ripe roma tomato, diced
chopped red onion (i like to use a handful or two, but it's your call)
1-2 lime slices, squeezed
sea salt to taste

scoop out the avocado into a bowl and squeeze the lime wedge(s) on it before you mash it. i find that it helps with the process. forks seem to work the best for mashing. once the avocado is all mashed up, mix in the tomatoes, onions, and salt.



i recently started collecting vintage silhouettes. i find them so lovely, and yet a bit haunting. they have been patiently laying around for a few months, but today i finally decided to hang them up. oh how i wish this picture did justice to their complete awesomeness.

off to have a cup of hot green tea and some petite chai cookies...

happy Saturday to you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

new curtains!

i picked up a pair of these wonderful curtains from IKEA. i almost didn't get them, but i am so glad i did. they look even better than the store display! i definitely want to get more in case they are no longer available by the time we buy a house (sadly, that will be a couple more years). i would love to paint our living room walls gray or slate blue...or brown. i just can't decide, but lucky for me, all those colors are in these curtains!

a bit of a close up (pretend you don't see those cobwebs up there...and the unpainted window trim!). these curtains are way too long for our meager little apartment windows, so i folded the top of each panel over a few times and clipped curtain rings on. and they still fall just above the floor. they did come with hemming tape and instructions in case i wanted to cut them to size. but i'd rather hold out for a house with high ceilings and tall windows. hey, a girl can dream....

this picture is non-curtain related, but i was just playing around with something i saw in a magazine somewhere. it makes me think of that old Jim Croce song, "Time in Bottle".

well, while i should be unpacking, i think i'll go make some fresh, organic guacamole instead...

have a happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

farewell, Seattle!

my time in Seattle is sadly coming to an end. tomorrow my mom and i fly home. it has been a wonderful visit! it will be hard to say goodbye to our dear family (and to each other), but it will certainly be nice to see my sweetie again...hopefully the next time i'm in Seattle, we can both come!

the past few days have been super busy and fun. yesterday, we rode the Ducks and went up the Space Needle. today we went on the Underground Tour (loved it!) and browsed some shops around Pioneer Square. i'll admit i was tempted to buy a Utilikilt for my husband. how hunky would he be?! and the Fireworks Gallery: so many lovely things there. i also finally got my peach mango bubble tea fix. i'm a happy girl!

well, it's off to go pack and spend the waning time with my family.

a happy day to you...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

i could get used to this...

just a few photos from another lovely day in Seattle. what a fun day i had! drooling over boots at REI, strolling and snapping photos at Volunteer Park (reminds me so much of Mt. Tabor in Portland), reminiscing over fun childhood toys at Archie McPhee, amazing views of Seattle, lunch at Red Mill, and laughing with family. we're finishing the day off with chocolate and a movie. does it get better than that?!

tomorrow it's IKEA and a hunt for bubble tea.

happy Sunday, friends!

Friday, August 7, 2009

scenes from Pike Place

i loved Pike Place. i think i could have eaten every heirloom tomato, cherry, berry, and peach there was, and still have room for fresh seafood. there was so much loveliness to see and taste and smell and feel and hear that these snapshots simply don't cut it. it was wonderful to be there, and to be with my mom.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

lovely, lovely Seattle

hello. just a quick update to tell you what a fabulous time i'm having in Seattle! it's so good to be here! i've spent the past two days relaxing a bit and enjoying time with family. looking forward to Pike Place tomorrow morning and a weekend hike at Mt. Rainier.

what are you up to?

i hope your week is a shiny, happy one!

Monday, August 3, 2009

to Emerald City, i go

i'm leaving for Seattle tomorrow! hence, i probably won't post until after i get back (alas, i didn't think ahead to do any scheduled posts!). so have a happy next two weeks or so!

i am sure i'll have lots of fun pictures to share when i return...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grampy's table

i recently acquired this little table/shelf made by my grampy many, many years ago. i love its simple lines and color. and what i especially love is its presence in my own childhood. it sat in grammy and grampy's family room next to the couch, quietly watching the grandkids play, perhaps wishing for arms and legs so that it could join in on the fun. the slightly worn surface and condensation stains where houseplants and drinking glasses once sat bear evidence to the fact that it was well used and much loved by several generations. the table is one of the first of many pieces of furniture my grampy has built over the years. he is a very skilled carpenter and has blessed lots and lots of people with his special talent. and he continues to do so.

lovely patina, no? and it will only get lovelier with age. like Grampy.