Sunday, August 9, 2009

i could get used to this...

just a few photos from another lovely day in Seattle. what a fun day i had! drooling over boots at REI, strolling and snapping photos at Volunteer Park (reminds me so much of Mt. Tabor in Portland), reminiscing over fun childhood toys at Archie McPhee, amazing views of Seattle, lunch at Red Mill, and laughing with family. we're finishing the day off with chocolate and a movie. does it get better than that?!

tomorrow it's IKEA and a hunt for bubble tea.

happy Sunday, friends!


littlebyrd said...

Did you go to the Greenhouse at Volunteer Park? I loved that! Your trip sounds amazing.

Vintage Modern Girl said...

we didn't know there was a greenhouse up there, so unfortunately, we didn't go...but i did go to the top of the old water tower (great views, but killer steps)..the hydrangeas and koi pond in the park are just lovely.