Friday, August 21, 2009

a-thrifting i did go!

today was the most lovely day! the weather was beautiful, warm but with a lovely breeze, blue skies and cottony clouds.

i slept in until 7:30, which was wonderful; ate steel cut oatmeal with organic blueberries; got some fun flea market decorating books from the library; watched The Office (the BBC version); listened to lots of Coldplay; went to Target; AND i went to the most amazing thrift store down the road...twice.

the thrift store was definitely was the highlight of my day. i first went this afternoon and i was more than a little overwhelmed as there were so many things to see (and so many people crowding the aisles). it was only the second time i've ever been there, so i was still trying to figure out where everything was. a few things caught my eye, but i went home empty handed.

well, i started having second thoughts so i went back later this evening, about an hour before the store was to close. i am so glad i did! the store was a bit quieter, and i found some great stuff that i missed the first time, plus the things i came back for: a silver bowl (whose pattern looks exactly like this Wm. Rogers and Son piece i saw on Etsy), a box of pink retro glass christmas ornaments, a silvery glass liquor bottle exactly like this one that i fell in love with on Etsy (i couldn't believe it), a glass apothecary jar, and a couple of art deco silver picture frames. i got everything for under $10. i believe that thrift store will be a weekly (or more) thing for me from now on. i so wish i could thrift for a living!

i'll share photos of my finds within the next few days, so do come back to see them!

have a lovely evening, dear readers!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Where is this thrift store? Now I'm curious! Sounds like a perfect day. It was gorgeous out bad I spent my day grocery shopping and cleaning. Oh well, glad I got those things done and hopefully tomorrow will be equally beautiful. Did you get my email about when I'm available next week? Talk to ya soon! Brenda

♥ miss.michelle said... obviously have a "special eye" for all things thrifted. You should open up an Etsy shoppe. I think it's right up your alley, and it's a lot of fun! You really should! I'd shop there ;)


The Vintage Modern Girl said...

miss michelle: i think i would have a hard time letting go of the things i find! :-) but i am really considering opening up my own etsy thrift shop, though i don't have a lot of space in our little apartment right now...someday.

inming said...