Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday: Upcycled Sweater Stockings

a few years ago, my sister and i made these stockings out of old sweaters that we thrifted, felted, cut out, and then stitched up by hand with some chunky yarn. i love how rustic and homey they look. every year that i pull them out of the storage box, i think of the day we made them. they are so very special to me!

(i should also mention that my sister is an amazing seamstress and should start her own Etsy shop...once her little ones get a bit older, for her sake!)

thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit Joan at Anything Goes Here for more Vintage Christmas Monday fun!

Friday, December 4, 2009


a tree transplant

in this post, i showed a photo of my branch tree sitting on the little table below. unfortunately, it had to be moved due Vintage Modern Boy running into it quite frequently...don't ask me how, though by the fifth time i started to get a little suspicious. so to avoid a potential tragedy (i.e. broken ornaments or VMB losing an eye), i moved it to a safer location. which meant a new arrangement for the little table.

i wanted to keep the same feel...a bit of nature and a bit of sparkle. i'm very happy with how it turned out. i think this smaller stick, in a very, very old liquor bottle, is much more appropriate for the space. the mercury glass and that oh so sweet little bottle brush tree give it sparkle and warmth.

as for the big branch, it now happily (and safely) resides on my bedroom dresser. i think it is a much better spot for it as well. and it has been reunited with my "jewelry branch" that came from the same tree.

a happy ending for all!