Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Multiples: another Vintage Junky Party!

today i'm joining in on another great party put on by Vintage Junky: the Multiples Party, in which we show off what we "can't get enough of", to steal her words.

here are a few things that i can't get enough of (but probably should)...

fans:: it was addiction, i mean... love...at first sight when i found my first fan (the little silver one to the right in the photo above) in my inlaws' basement several years ago. at present i own seven fans, which is a bit much for our little home. though i dearly love them all, the four shown in these two photos are the ones i've decided to keep. the other three will be going into my shop very soon!

silhouettes:: they are proof of a time other than my own. they lived and laughed and cried and picked flowers and loved and ate ice cream. and now they really are silhouettes sitting patiently behind the fragile veil of time. we see just enough to know of their existence, but not enough to know who they really were. it's a shame, really.

suitcases:: i would love to know where these old suitcases have travelled! the largest one (and my favorite) still bears the remnants of a U.S. customs sticker, holding on for its dear life.

and finally, i've got this dream of collecting lone vintage china pieces at thrift stores until i have a complete mismatched set (at which point a tea party will be a must). i always feel so bad when i see a little saucer all by its lonesome that no one wants, that i just have to bring it home. these creamers and saucers are the beginning of my collection....i haven't found any dainty little cups yet.

and now, if you haven't yet, you MUST get thee over to Vintage Junky to see her amazing goodness, enter for a giveaway, and see the other party goers' multiples!


warning: this is one of those boring posts in which i have no pictures to share, but i just felt inspired to blog. so bear with me!


:: i saw 4 little deer

:: i am eating another pumpkin scone with a grande Pike Place blend...by the way, i didn't make the scones...i wish (!)...you can find them at Starbucks stores now...but sadly, i think they are only seasonal

:: it is grey and cool and wwiiiiiinindddyyyy

:: i am wearing my new old locket from FreshyFig

:: morning came too soon (hence the coffee)

:: Elliott Smith is on the ipod...again

:: the leaves are ffffffff

Sunday, September 27, 2009

photos from a grey weekend (and what's new in the shop!)

i've been collecting these frames and bird prints for awhile now. finally hung them up in the bedroom.

one of my [fake] crows lost a feather...it was too pretty to throw away so i stuck it in one of my old windows.

i've been having lots of fun with vintage dictionary pages! these particular ones are from a 1944 Websters (don't worry, i let other Etsyians do the dismantlement!). just love how they look in these old convex glass frames. (p.s. i didn't want it to look too even, but looking at this photo, it's bugging me a bit...may have to rearrange...)

more vintage dictionary love! remember the necklace i mentioned a couple of posts back? after seeing this fabulous idea from the talented BrianneLee, i got inspired. so i slipped a small piece of a dictionary page over the dried flowers. i thought the antlers would be good for Fall. i am really pleased with how it turned out!

pumpkin scone and English breakfast tea (in my new double walled glass mug that I won in a giveaway from Michelle of StoryBookCharm! go check her out- she has a lovely blog and Etsy shop!)

and now just a few favorites in my shop right now...

brass stag

another alarm clock

awesome metal file box (that I would use for magazines!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

autumn style, updated

after having jumped the gun on my fall decorating back in (ahem) August, my autumn style has evolved a bit since then. so thought i would share some of the updates...

(feel free to click on the photos for a better look)

this arrangement was inspired by Mothology.

as a little girl i collected silver souvenir spoons that i found at garage sales (what a weird child i was!). i found them recently while going through some boxes in the closet. i really like the way they look in this little gourd jack-o-lantern basket...

that is the fabulous old mirror found at the thrift store ($5!) that i have been meaning to show you. the frame is wood that was treated with gesso before the gold paint was applied. i love the beveled edge and the black spots from where the silvering has worn away.

this was my very poor attempt to show off my fabulous new tunic from Target (and my black glitter "spooky" sign!). alas! the bad lighting , the unmade bed, and the pile of laundry in the reflection kind of threw a damper on the whole thing. but since i kind of look like a sad little victorian girl ghost haunting the old mirror (and with a digital camera, no less), i had to share...

i've been collecting these gold toned frames with hanging rings for a little while now, so i was thrilled to find this one at Goodwill. it is just the perfect size for the little bird book page i purchased from PetiteMichelleLouise (fabulous shop). don't you just love those crows?? i have a plan for a wall arrangement with all the frames that i will be sure to share once it's completed.

and now i am off to have some tea and cappuccino craving cake (Trader Joe's!!), but first:

what elements are you fancying this Fall, both for your home and personal style?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

when you live down the street from a thrift store and a flea market...

it can be very dangerous.

some new old treasures (which i will be keeping)

:: old silver monogrammed pitcher, $2, thrift store
:: pretty cream colored china bowl, 69 cents, thrift store
:: slate blue Westinghouse Fan, $5, flea market
:: pair of 1930's silhouettes, $20, flea market

i actually saw the flea market for the first time on the way to the thrift store this afternoon. apparently it has been there for 2 years, and i have driven by it thousands of times and never noticed it. how sad.

see the dust on those silhouettes? yep, they've been waiting for me!

New good-ness in the shop...

Vintage Modern Boy and i went to a local vintage shop Thursday night and i found not one, but two (two!!!) copies of this gorgeous 1943 illustrated edition of Jane Eyre. since i already have a copy of my own, one copy will be sent to my eldest sister who has been looking for one. and one, the one above, is now in my shop!

eight small Ironstone dessert plates

old wooden cheese platter with glass dome

sweet little old alarm clock

yep, this is the same tray that has been listed for awhile now. but it is a new photo inspired by Little Byrd Vintage's recent post about trays. i have to say, after i took this photo i very nearly took the tray out of the shop!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

vintage jewelry and shop updates

i have been coveting so many great pieces of vintage jewelry on Etsy lately, that i had forgotten that i have some lovely things of my own.

my mama gave me these little screw-on earrings from her collection of old jewelry. i love the drabby colors and that they look like little gilt framed paintings.

this necklace came from my great great Aunt Leaflet. the pressed flowers have such simple, understated beauty, no? there is a mirror on the other side, and the contents of the pendant can be removed by unscrewing the bale at the top. i am considering slipping in a piece of a vintage dictionary page over the flowers for a different look.

and now for a thrifting/shop update...

i've gone thrifting twice this week already! last night i found some wonderful framed lithograph prints and an old beveled mirror in a gesso/gilt wood frame. i have decided to keep the mirror, along with some of the prints, and i will be showing photos of them in a couple days. but for now, here are two little treasures that i just added to the shop!

a little carved alabaster owl

and a glass bell jar

what thrifting treasures have you found lately?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

camera happy saturday

vintage Christmas tree finials in the silver bowl i found at the thrift store.

one of the many found pieces of nature scattered around our home. i found this stick on the sidewalk outside our building.

Gimli, contemplating traveling...or maybe not. he'd rather just lay there.

bat girl ornament from Etsy

i found this gorgeous silver tray while thrifting yesterday. it is now for sale in my shop. it always amazes me how so many lovely silver pieces are just discarded, when they were at once held with such high regard.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

today's post has been brought to you by...

today i am partying at Vintage Junky's Vintage Letters and Numbers Party!

i scoured the apartment for anything old and vintagey with letters and/or numbers on it to bring to the party. so go make yourself a cup of hot tea, grab a scone, and enjoy the photos...and then go over to Vintage Junky for the rest of the party!

remember you can click on the photos for a closer look...

don't forget to check out more vintage letters and numbers today at Vintage Junky!!

I'm on Etsy!!

Yes! It's true! I just opened shop tonight! It was really only a matter of time....especially with all the thrifting I've done lately...things are really starting to pile up!

I only have 4 items listed right now, but I will to add something new every couple of days or so. You can visit my shop via the gallery on the right.

And, if you are currently an Etsy seller yourself, please help a [vintage modern] girl out and send me any and all advice you have for a meager little new shop owner!

more salsa goodness

I am so thankful for family and friends who share their harvest!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

saturday night's alright for thrifting

i decided to go to the thrift store after i got off work on Saturday. i am glad i went because i found some fun things!


this tin Handiware tray was my favorite find of the night! i like the worn patina, and the King and Queen of England are just adorable!

this aqua mid century modern Dansk Kobenstyle enameled dutch oven is just lovely! i did a little online research and it turns out these are quite the collectors items. i found one in a bit better condition than this listed for $125! the inside is an ivory color, which contrasts very nicely with the aqua.

this little china creamer makes me want to have a tea party (in fact, that's what the guy at the thrift store asked if i was doing)

i would definitely collect china if it was the same pattern as this bone china saucer. i just love those retro tiny gold stars!

another little saucer...

these cool canisters certainly belong on an old formica diner counter. i may store cereal in them...

i loved this little nativity, similar to one from my childhood that my parents still have.

buttons! i think it was my mom who once told me to always buy old buttons whenever i came across any at garage sales or thrift stores.

i was all excited about this Fire King peach lustre baking dish until i got it home and realized the inside is coated with some sort of paint that i am pretty sure is not original to the dish. anyone have any ideas? it also came with a burner stand that it sits on, if that helps.

and finally, i bought this little wooden base to pair with one of my glass domes, which turns out is too small for it. if anyone would have any use for it, i will gladly pass it along! a glass dome with a diameter of 5 1/2 inches would fit nicely in the groove. the total diameter of the base is just over 7 1/2 inches.