Thursday, September 3, 2009

my mental health day

i worked ahead this week and was able to get everything done a day earlier, and so i decided to take a "mental health day" today, with my boss's approval, of course.

no agenda. just me enjoying the day by myself.

::: i slept in until 7:30

::: window shopped on Etsy

::: found a lovely orange maple leaf on the ground outside

::: took some photos

::: listened to Elliott Smith

::: had hot tea and cookies for breakfast

::: watched a movie

::: went to the library

::: ate my favorite creamy pasta dish for lunch. one that Vintage Modern Boy refuses to eat because it has mushrooms in it.

::: and my mental health also required that i go to Target, so i did. and i bought this dress. i just love its modness. i kept trying to find something wrong with it, but i couldn't because it fits perfectly. though, it does hit just below my knees since i'm petite. but i think it will look smashing with my knee high black boots!

it's been a lovely day!

Vintage Modern Boy and i are meeting his mother (my mother-in-law) for dinner in just a bit, so i'd better go get ready.

have a happy Thursday!


littlebyrd said...

It sure sounds wonderful :) What mvoie did you watch? I like your dress too!!

Anonymous said...

The dress is fabulous! I love when you find that perfect something that makes you feel so good. And I just read your latest post and congrats on your award! I can't think of anyone more deserving of it, even though your blog is the only one I read, I know you as a person and think you are awesome, thanks for being a great friend! Love ya! Brenda