Friday, September 4, 2009

thoughts on a quiet evening in early september

tonight i am feeling calm and contemplative. inspired, but not in a hurry. just letting things be, and enjoying the way the evening unfolds by itself. no frills, and yet beautiful in its solemn simplicity.

soundtrack for the evening includes Johnny and Roseanne Cash singing "September When it Comes", George Winston's "Autumn", and Over the Rhine's "Ohio". such beautiful, mournful music that leaves me feeling a bit sad and a bit peaceful at the same time. is that possible?

a couple of pictures, as is, from where i sit (i do apologize that you need a flashlight to see these):

here we have Emma the cat enjoying the calm with me. this is the norm with her when i am on the computer.

the frames that are a part of my latest project-in-progress. still waiting for the right prints for the two empty ones. but i'm in no hurry. i actually get inspired just by looking at them. i am thinking of drawing something for the little oval frame with the convex glass, but i'm not sure what yet. these will eventually be hung on one of our bedroom walls (i think).

and that clutch is a Little Byrd Vintage original. i am so tickled pink by it!

this last photo is not intended to show you how desperately i need to tweeze the old Frida Kahlos, but to share this lovely hairpin that arrived quite unexpectedly with the clutch from the very dear Little Byrd. a sweet, sweet surprise, and one of my most beloved colors, too! it has become my "Violet Baudelaire ribbon" for thrifting, as i seem to find the best stuff when i wear it.

by the way, i am loving to be in this time of year! mist shrouds the fields in the morning and in the evening. the leaves are changing more and more and some are even beginning their descent to the damp, dark earth. and also, the moon is full right now and seems so low like it's caught in the trees, which reminds me of that song by The Decemberists ("Angels and Angles"?). hope you don't mind this stream-of-consciousness thing i've got going here, but it just feels more natural, you know?

well, i am off to have a glass of milk, a cookie, and a couple episodes of The Office.

good night, dear reader friends!


Christy said...

You have a way with words Vintage Modern Girl. I love posts like this from you!

We have been listening to Over The Rhine these days (The Trumpet Child) but I have not heard of the song you mentioned. I am going to have to check them all out actually! Did you know they are going to be in concert in Cincinnati on the 11th?

Have a wonderful weekend my friend...

♥ miss.michelle said...

...littleBYrd is so talented. That's an adorable hairclip! LOVE your lazy kitty.

Have a Peaceful Weekend!


Aamie said...

I just love you and your way with words. I can always count on you to make me laugh. Your "Frida Khalos" (or however you spell it)- what a riot. Nobody would have ever noticed... on that note- mine are far worse. Lots of love to you, my dear friend!

briannelee said...

I love those frames!

My cat does the same thing to me when I am using the computer ;)