Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a fairy tale ending

after only three (3!!!) attempts, it's finally mine!

the photos aren't turning out so well as i don't have the best lighting, but it really is me, anyway. it's got such a lovely patina with the original green paint chipped and scratched in places, showing off the steel beneath. it does have a few surface rust spots, but that only makes me love it more!

it ended up being more than i expected it would be, but $11 isn't really breaking the bank for me.

right now it's hanging out with the other office furniture (quite well, i might add!). i put stationery supplies in one drawer, and some of Vintage Modern Boy's computer games in the other.

but other plans, grander ones, await it. someday. i just don't know what they are yet, though silver metallic paint keeps flashing in my mind. but i really do like it as is. hmmm.

how about you?

what would you use it for?

would you paint it?


(ok, not really in a quandary, for i am so very happy to have it!)

thanks, by the way, for all your sweet encouraging comments. so sorry you have mostly all had to experience this thing before! ugh. i guess there is a downside to the thrift store that i love so much...


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! So happy you got it! And I love it, how cool! I like it just the way it is, there's something about keeping an original, well.....original. :D Brenda

vintage simple said...

What a great piece!! So glad it finally made it home with you. And I'd keep it as it is - its patina is part of what makes it so lovely. If you're worried at all about the paint chipping off further, you can always lightly sand it and put a coat of clear gloss spray paint (in a satin finish) on it...

Christy said...

What a great piece... I love all things that will keep me organized!

I say keep it exactly the way it is:)

I read your comment yesterday about my curtains and I have to tell you that I am having a really hard time getting a good picture of them because of the light not being right. I will keep trying:)

littlebyrd said...

YAY! I was thinking about you and hoping it would still be there. I LOVE it! I would leave it as it is. You are right, the drawer pulls are very cool. Happy happy day :)

♥ miss.michelle said...

...very cool drawers{darling handles}. I can see why you'd be excited! It's lovely and I wouldn't change a thing. Each scratch and ding tells a story :) I'm SO glad it was still there for you.