Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autumn in our home

with this lovely autumnal weather we've been having, i couldn't resist adding some fall goodness to our little home, even if it is just a bit early.

feel free to click on the pictures for a better view...

i couldn't believe it when i found this awesome glass globe at a thrift store! i am not sure what it was originally intended for, but i knew it would be perfect for the wooden hurricane base i already had. and so, for only $.70 i brought it home, and put some twigs and an old photo inside. i think i will try to find a leaf to add to it as well, once they start to fall.

the window on the left needs just a little something more...but i haven't quite figured out what...any ideas?

something you'd see in Diagon Alley, perhaps?

this sign on Etsy was the inspiration for these paperboard letters, which i bought in the scrapbooking section at Michael's. do go see the original sign- it is made of fabulous vintage linen!

the "Nevermore" raven tag in my new old apothecary jar (!!) is from Etsy.

"Creepy and Tacky", forebodingly perched on Edna, were "lovingly" named by Vintage Modern Boy (i.e. the husband). they remind me of the old Scottish ballad "The Twa Corbies". google it. it really is creepy.

and what Fall decor is complete without a real black cat? Gimli graciously obliged (or rather, interrupted) a photo shoot.


♥ miss.michelle said...

...your too funny. Your post is really getting me in the mood for fall. I also have a vintage-dress-form, her name is Claire ;) She is VERY old. I'll have to share her one day.


littlebyrd said...

Oh - i love all of this. Your cat is great! That globe...I've been told they are called wonder balls and what you did with it is how it should be used...some of these come with rubber stoppers on the base that are like flower frogs and you can display flowers inside and put water in the base.

Anonymous said...

Gimli is gorgeous! What an awesome picture of him, I never met him and I've never seen a picture of it! And I love the Twa Corbies, it's so creepy it's good! Tell Brandon that Nate thinks those are great names for your crows. :) See ya! Brenda

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

Michelle: i must see Claire!

Littlebyrd: thanks for the info on the globe- that is really fascinating! so good to know i'm using it as intended! :-)

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

Brenda: thanks! tell Nate to not encourage Brandon :-) and Gimli's got looks even if he doesn't have brains! (by the way, his fur is growing out from his summer haircut. it actually gets quite long)

Jeanneoli said...

Love the twigs and photo in the are so creative. I love, love, love your silhouette wall...I keep meaning to do this.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You have just made me long for fall. WE have a bit more of summer Im sure but it was a bit cooler yesterday and today and I could feel the urge pulling fall things out. Thanks you~

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You are too too sweet. ps...dont ask my kids...hehe