Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the Bronte inspiration continues...

not only are these my two favorite novels of all time (ok, ok, so i include the Twilight series in there, too), but these editions are 1940's vintage and that lovely shade of teal. even the pages are teal-tipped.

and the covers....sigh. (the Wuthering Heights cover has the most amazing illustration of Heathcliff beside a wonderfully craggy tree).

if you have not read either, you must!

both this mirror and handkerchief came from the estate of my great-great Aunt Leaflet (the table, too, if you remember). so sweetly simple, yet such beauty (hmm..a lot like Jane Eyre).

well now, it's tea time for me, so i bid you good night, dear readers!


rebecca said...

I have that same version of "Wuthering Heights" (but not "Jane Eyre"). Even though I have other copies of "Wuthering Heights", I couldn't pass this one by. The woodcut-like illustrations are so fitting: dark, foreboding, and ominous.

Vintage Modern Girl said...

i concur!

Jeanneoli said...

Beautiful photography.