Saturday, August 1, 2009

Grampy's table

i recently acquired this little table/shelf made by my grampy many, many years ago. i love its simple lines and color. and what i especially love is its presence in my own childhood. it sat in grammy and grampy's family room next to the couch, quietly watching the grandkids play, perhaps wishing for arms and legs so that it could join in on the fun. the slightly worn surface and condensation stains where houseplants and drinking glasses once sat bear evidence to the fact that it was well used and much loved by several generations. the table is one of the first of many pieces of furniture my grampy has built over the years. he is a very skilled carpenter and has blessed lots and lots of people with his special talent. and he continues to do so.

lovely patina, no? and it will only get lovelier with age. like Grampy.


Monica said...

you make the table look much better than it ever did in MY house! it was always cowering in the corner hiding under loads of dust, crumbs and objects without homes!

Shannon said...

What a great table! I have a Grampy too. :)

Susie from Bienvenue said... special! Im lovin' that clock a bit too much. Im in search of one just like it~

littlebyrd said...

I love it too. Even more special that it was handmade by someone in your family. I love how you've decorated it!!!