Friday, August 21, 2009

what Edna is wearing + the library bag

believe it or not, Old Navy has this wonderful vintage looking long sleeved sweatery-shirt. it's as soft and lovely as a sweater, but it's light and gauzy enough to wear comfortably in warmer weather. i love the rich blue color, mandarin-style collar, pleating detail, and the slightly puffed shoulders. and if that's not enough, the sleeves are also quite pretty with a button at each wrist (but poor Edna does not have the arms to show them off). it is so, so comfortable. AND i believe it is now on clearance. i'm tempted to get another one in brown myself. a word to the wise: the size of these shirts runs slightly bigger than i expected. i bought a size smaller than usual and it's still quite roomy.

the lace trimmed camisole is also from Old Navy this season (sadly, i cannot find the same one online). i love the smoky taupe color against the blue shirt. i was very pleased to find these vintagey clothes for a very good price.

this is the library bag. we don't have cable, satellite, or a converter box. instead, we get all our entertainment from our local library. i usually request specific items i am looking for online and then make a weekly trip to pick them up and browse the actual library. sometimes i end up with a lot so i always take this bag with me. when i get home i hang the bag on the door, set all the items on the coffee table, and then one by one as we finish a DVD or book, i put the item back in the bag to return. it's worked out to be a nice little system, and i can always keep track of everything thing i have checked out.


littlebyrd said...

I love the library. 99 percent of my books come from there and every time I another one I say I can;t beleive how cool the library is!!! Cute clothes ;)

Christy said...

I want the bag:)