Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pretty things

remember the silver pitcher i found at the thrift store for $3? i wanted some dried real hydrangeas for it, but i found these fake (gulp) ones at Michael's and thought they would do. plus it helped to have a nice little 40% coupon. i love, love, love that B monogram and the tarnished patina!

my lovely new old glass locket from BrianneLee (AWESOME shop!) i think this may actually be a piece of Victorian mourning jewelry. the side you see here has the original photo of a dapper looking gent, and the talented Brianne added a snippet of a Robert Browning poem to the other side. oh i love it so!

my FABULOUS clutch from Littlebyrdvintage. i carry it everywhere and always get tons and tons of compliments from strangers. it is very well made and i love that it is made from vintage materials, so it's environmentally friendly!

new boots! i don't need the jaws of life to zip these boots up (which is usually necessary for my "man-tastic" calves), so naturally i love them!

my little velvet pumpkins. they are handmade and have real pumpkin stems! sorry this picture is a bit dark, the color of the bigger pumpkin is a rich brown and the little one is a lovely grey/slate blue. they are so pretty together! a very dear friend graciously picked them out for me and sent them all the way from Portland, Oregon!

since the days are getting shorter and shorter, i decided our home needed some more warmth and sparkle. Edna graciously obliged.

and finally, my latest thrift store find: a wonder ball! i was so excited to find one that has the rubber stopper base. i think i'm going to fill it with leaves for the rest of Fall, and maybe put some pretty vintage mercury glass ornaments in it for Christmas.
what pretty things are inspiring you today?


♥ miss.michelle said...

...OK, I'm SUPER jealous now!!!! I had thought about calling the shop in Portland for one of those tiny velvet pumpkins!! Have them ship it to me.....that's too funny! AND.... those boots? OMG!!, they are beautiful, where did you find them? btw- you have teeny tiny feet huh? {lol}. That's cool you found a wonder ball, I've been finding them alot too.



Jeanneoli said...

Your style is so fabulous!! I love everything you just showed!!! I need to finally just do it and get me some of those beautiful velvet pumpkins!!!

Leigh said...

Beautiful treasures, all of them! Your vase looks great. Our neighbors have some hydrangeas that are withering and I want to go cut them! I might ask if I can because we don't have any patch of grass to grow anything of our own.

redhedgingerbread said...

Gorgeous pictures, and what treasures!!! The hydrangeas look real - and if memory serves, I believe silk flowers are better Feng Shui than dried (i.e. dead) anyhoo. I LOVE that pitcher!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

Love them all, but those boots. Oh those boots. Love them. Unfortunately, I have twigs for calves and they usually never fit. Sigh.

Jane said...

I'm loving the silver pitcher!!! Your comment about the boots made me laugh because just this morning I was complaining to a friend that I can't fit into any of the cute boots because my calves are too's just as well...most of the boots have too high of heels for my old legs and to keep the shoes flat at my age!

a little bit vintage said...

Love the silver pitcher and the clutch! ADORE the boots! I need some! ;)


Vintage Junky said...

mmmm love it all, especially the pitcher... are those boots vintage... I need to go back and read because if they aren't I need a pair!


Gen Paire Soeur said...

Love all of your pretties! Don't you just love Little Byrd Vintage, I got a wooden pedistal bowl from her that I just adore!

The boots are to die for, you have to share where you found them, pleasssse! : )

The Vintage Modern Girl said...

ok everyone! you asked, i delivered! The BOOTS are from DSW. They are called "Winchester" by Nicole. I actually got them online, but they do have them in the stores as well! below is the link to them online, but they currently only have size 5 in stock:

briannelee said...

So pretty!!!! I want the B vase!

I have nominated you for a blog award. Check it out :)

Thrifted Treasure said...

I just LOVE that silver pitcher so much and all your other finds are so beautiful, those velvet pumpkins look delicious!

vintage simple said...

Oh, Edna looks so perfectly festive..! And LittleByrd's handmade things are beautiful - and beautifully made. And the boots, the boots..! I love those boots!


littlebyrd said...

The hydrangea looks great in that beautiful vase! Love your dress form all dressed in son would go crazy if I did that! He LOVES dress forms. lol! I will have to show him this picture. Thanks for including me, well not ME, but the clutch, in your list of pretty things :)

Gypsy Fish said...

Had to comment on the "B" it..naturally..great photos and so inspirational
{{gypsy hugs}}

april in iowa said...

You hit the jackpot here. Those boots are so so so nice. I have terrible luck with boots. But that vase is my favorite, I think. I have fake flowers in the house, too. I always feel a like a tacky old lady when I look at them but they are really pretty. Enjoy your weekend. :)

Kristin said...

That pitcher is just gorgeous. What a find!

beth said...

I love the white lights on your mannequin....too flippin cool !!! AND she has name !!! love it !