Tuesday, October 27, 2009

an award and some things about me

so, Rachel of A Little Bit Vintage gave me an award! i am thrilled and honored!

thank you, Rachel!

one of the rules of this award is to share 7 things about me that you may not know. and because it is a rainy Fall day and the week of Halloween, i'm going to go for a bit of a theme here...

1. when I was in kindergarten, my mom made me a "sack of potatoes" costume for my class Halloween party...no joke. the costume featured an actual burlap potato sack, that i wore like a dress, and had "potatoes" (made of brown panty hose and cotton stuffing) sewn at the top around my neck. i even wore a piece of panty hose over my face so that my head was the biggest potato in the sack! i definitely stood out amongst the witches and vampires of my class!!

2. in seventh grade I memorized "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe in its entirety and recited it in front of my class. it was not a requirement and i was the only one in my class to do so, though i did get a trophy for it. i guess i have just always had a thing for Edgar (yes, we're on a first name basis). he had such a sad life, but what an artist!

3. a couple of years ago in October, our tv started randomly changing channels. it did it at least once a day for a couple of weeks, and then stopped on November 1st. at first i thought my husband was playing tricks on me from another room, but then it happened when he wasn't home. it was the freakiest thing i've ever experienced. we never did figure out what caused it and it hasn't happened since.

4. "The Village" is one of my very favorite movies. i love the autumnal setting and the creepiness ot it!!

5. i have never gone trick-or-treating. it's true! my family has never celebrated Halloween (beyond school parties and such), but don't worry, i got PLENTY of candy anyway!!

6. it was not an unusual thing to have bats get in the house while i was growing up...old house, old windows. it was always such a family ordeal when it happened that the memories i have are quite fond. and it probably helps that i like bats. the rest of my family is pretty much terrified of them.

7. i listen to George Winston's album "Autumn" every Fall (makes sense, right?). whenever i happen to hear a song from it, even if it is Spring, Summer, or Winter, i think of rainy nights and pumpkin candles. in fact, i'm listening to it right now.
and now i am supposed to pass this award on to 7 blogs, but i always have a hard time choosing. there are so many amazing blogs out there, and i'm so afraid to leave anyone out! i guess i'm just reliving the nightmare of always being picked last in gym class, and i don't want to do the blogging equivalent to someone else! i think all blogs are deserving because of the time and creativity put into each one, whether large or small, so please forgive me for skipping this part!
but i am going to ask that you DO leave a comment and share your favorite spooky, Halloween, or Fall memory!


Vintage Junky said...

Great list! I try not to think of spooky things... I don't like being scared. I won't watch scary movies (although I did watch the Village) but I always want to know what happens so I'll ask someone. Then, I have nightmares anyhow. I have very vivid dreams anyway and I guess I don't need the extra stimulation of a scary movie. Your TV would have freaked me out and I would have had it removed! We do have a small family cemetery in our subdivision.. pretty creepy! Thank goodness it isn't too close to our house.

briannelee said...

That is weird about the tv!

Hmmm, my fav Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. Even now I will still watch it if the Disney Channel has it on for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

That potato sack costume is such an awesome idea! I can just see a little you wearing it with such pride! Too cute. :) I also love The Village......what a brain teaser!! Great list and again, not surprised that you got this award. Hope to see you soon. Brenda

vintagelaundress said...

My son is a Poe fan, too! Great list, as well. My Halloween tradition watching Practical Magic and answering the door and passing out goodies. I never watch the movie if it should be on television during the year - I save up for Halloween eve.

Tracey said...

Well first of all, I loved getting to know a wee bit about you, and your Fall twist on it was great!! Congrats on the well deserved award! I don't really have any scary Fall/Halloween memories...I avoid scary at all costs, because I am basically a big scardie cat and have never even watched a horror movie...I'm quite certain I would die of fear :)

:) T

♥ miss.michelle said...

...I LOVE the village!

The Sixth Sense is probably my favorite scarey movie! Of all movies..... Horror films are my favorites! When people that know me find that out, they always look at me funny :P
I'm thinking it's because they think of me as a "goodie" girl or something. {LOL}

Thanks for sharing facts about you, it was fun reading them!


vintage simple said...

Oh, I love George Winston. I used to listen to his stuff all the time... And I love that you have a fond memory of bats from your childhood...

I guess as far as memories go... Hmmm.... I loved the first fall I spent in Washington DC shortly after moved to this country. In Buenos Aires, we have autumn, but the leaves turn yellow and brown, mostly - not the breathtaking beautiful collection of colors we get here...the reds and ochers... Just so many beautifully saturated colors. Yes, I think that's probably my favorite autumnal memory. :)