Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fresh in the shop

i am feeling so very inspired by this rainy October night! i've spent much of the evening photographing and listing some new vintage goodness in the shop. i am so thrilled with my new shoe crate for photographing! Of course, it's a bit of a pain to lug over to my good lighting spot (which is unfortunately right in front of the door). but it's totally worth it!

i forgot to mention some of the other vintage lovelies that came home from my parents' house with me (and are staying!): an old chipped-paint Hanson scale, a glass milk bottle from a local dairy, a green Waralarm alarm clock, some old tarnished silverware, and three spooky little glass bottles with labels intact. hopefully i'll have some time later this week for some leisure photography!

but for now, here are some photos of my favorite new things in the shop:

E. Ingraham "Harmony House 8 Day" alarm clock: still works!

little silverplate bowl, lovely and sweet

four melmac cups in a pretty soft blue color

a working Westinghouse fan, in fabulous condition

there is more good stuff that i listed with these, but i'll let you check them out for yourself!

and now, i think this rainy evening requires a candle and a cup of hot tea. and some of my favorite big band songs, including "The White Cliffs of Dover" and "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree", both of which my Grammy used to sing to me when i was a little girl!

how do you enjoy your rainy nights?


Thrifted Treasure said...

Gorgeous things as always! Sounds like a lovely evening, my perfect evening in if hubbie is out and kiddies in bed is to sit down with a massive plate of carbonara followed by a chocolate eclair and watch some property programs :-)

Jeanneoli said...

I love it all...but that clock and the fan...adore!!!

vintage simple said...

I too adore that clock and fan. And I like to just listen to the rain at night... We've had really steady, soothing rain the last few nights... it's been very peaceful.

briannelee said...

I love taking hot baths and reading in bed on cold rainy nights.

I want that fan!!!

Tara said...

oh I love the fan!!! best go and check it out, but your whisper of tarnished silverware had me too! :)

littlebyrd said...

Your pictures turned out well!!! Love love love the clock. Rainy evenings? I love to read in bed for hours :)