Tuesday, July 21, 2009

still no camera. sigh. i feel a little lost, even though i am by no means a photographer. i was always the kind of girl (who am i kidding- still am) who went through each book twice. the first time to look at the pictures, the second time to actually read it. so naturally, i need to have something to look at on my blog, besides my own boring drivel.

i do, however, have something fun to share.

a couple months ago, two mysterious packages arrived on my doorstep.

i was pleasantly surprised to find these inside:

anyone recognize them?
they made their debut in Starbucks stores last Christmas.
someone very near and dear to my heart happens to work for Starbucks and was given an opportunity to purchase these.
and because she is just so fabulous, rather than keeping them to herself, she shipped them off to me.
thank you, dear friend. you know who you are!


St├ęphanie said...

Oh !
That's great !

littlebyrd said...

We lost our camera about a year ago and I felt the same way! I was kind of out of sorts until we got another. I am so happy you found the book! You are going go compelteyl crazy for it, I promise!