Thursday, July 30, 2009


i wasn't planning on posting today, but i came across this photo while going through some old file folders, and it made me smile, and so, i couldn't keep it to myself.

meet Pete...

i wish i could take credit for this photo, but alas, it was taken by my dad, who befriended Pete a few years back. Pete is an old curmudgeon who is from the small town where i grew up. i've never actually met Pete formally, as he is a bit of a recluse, but i always saw his white fisherman's hat off in the distance as he was mowing his many properties around town. and from the many, many stories my dad has shared, Pete is a real character and does things his own way.

and from this photo, he seems quite content with that, no?

i just love that he is wearing this fabulous Starbucks earth month shirt, given to him by my dad (oh yes, we have some Starbucks-ites in our family). and it doesn't get much better than those plaid pants.

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