Thursday, July 23, 2009

coffee nostalgia

so it's been a rainy couple of days, and it's feeling quite Fall-ish. i really do love the weather, but today required a little Starbucks pick-me-up for the gloominess. a grande Pike Place roast and a cranberry orange scone. it's heaven, i tell you.

now i do like the taste of coffee, but can i let you in on a secret? i really buy it for the smell as it reminds me of my grammy and grampy's house. one deep inhale of that smoky rich roast and i am waking up in vintage floral sheets to hear my grammy puttering downstairs in the kitchen. so many memories from that big white house surrounded by oak trees.

obviously my grandparents are avid coffee drinkers (hence my nostalgia). they set the timer the night before, so that their Maxwell House is waiting for them, piping hot, in the morning, in their retro little kitchen no less. (it's almost too perfect!)

it was grammy who gave me my first taste of coffee. i was a little surprised at first because i imagined it tasting more like hot chocolate. but i was hooked. and so grammy and i would sit in that kitchen. me with my bowl of "fun" cereal (usually Lucky Charms) and grammy with her black coffee, steel-cut oatmeal, and a side of dry powdered milk (yes. i said dry). we would talk about the salamanders i found in the creek, how she hoped it would rain because the garden was dry, how we needed to get the laundry hung before it got too hot, and snakes. grammy has the best snake stories. looking back, i realize that our talks were never grand, but rather simple every day stuff. all the same, those conversations meant the world to me. and still do.

i hope i can be a grammy like her someday.

so, here's to you grammy. drink up.


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love that. Smells are so powerful that way. I love the smell of coffee too! :)

St├ęphanie said...

Lovely post !