Sunday, July 19, 2009

so it's been a while...

yep. sorry about that. i've been feeling uninspired. and then my camera broke. which left me really uninspired.

i just ordered a new camera, so hopefully the dryspell will be over soon.

also have some fun new treasures to show off (when said camera arrives): a fabulous vintage fan, floral frog, Big Ben alarm clock, and some surprises!

though i may not get some pics on here until after i get back from SEATTLE!

i leave in just over 2 weeks with my darling mom to visit some dear family. i am so excited to see them and to be in Seattle. i've never made it there, though i have been to Portland, OR a couple times.

this summer is flying by too fast. eeks!

what have you been up to?

i hope to frequent blogger much more come Fall...

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